Thursday, November 3, 2016

Simple checkbox near to items

Demo: SimpleCheckbox

Normally, when we add simple checkbox(plugin) and items so the space between their it is large.

In this case it can be to have a trick and remove the space of between simple checkbox and other items.

1: before simple checkbox add a DISPLAY item and set properties according below image.

Column =>  you should select a specific grid column for example 1

Label Column Span => set 0

Custom Attributes => style=”padding-left: 20px;”   to indicate the padding of the label may be you don’t want to set this size

Default -Type => Static value  => enter your simple checkbox label

2: add a simple checkbox and change some properties.

Column => the number that you select for grid column is [DISPLAY item grid column] + 1

Label Column Span => set 0

Column Attributes => style=”width: 30px;”

So, you can see a simple checkbox beside item

Download demo application:

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